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Welcome to the official website of Lewandowski Advocatenkantoor, where we provide unique expertise for the benefit ofinternational corporate clients looking to conduct business in the Netherlands and Poland. What sets us apart from other law firms? Our unique knowledge and experience in business process outsourcing and cross-border service provision within the European Union, integrating essential aspects of tax, employment, immigration, contract, and administrative law. Since Poland's accession to the European Union, we have assisted numerous Polish companies in expanding to the Netherlands and Dutch corporate clients in establishing ventures in Poland. Lewandowski delivers tailored solutions to corporate clients from other countries planning operations in the Netherlands and/or Poland.

Since 2016 closely affiliated with Subteno Legal (formerly: ZJPL International Lawyers) in cross border cases involving the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. Although Lewandowski and the Polish and German law firms often work closely together, each firm operates independently within its jurisdiction, adhering to local professional rules set by the Dutch, Polish, or German bar associations.